Energy concept

EnviHUT is designed as a self-sustainable unit. With respect to energy consumption it is planned to be used at weekends. The main sources of electricity are a small scale photo-voltaic system installed over part of the southern oriented roof plane and a small wind turbine. These sources of electricity do charge a battery pack and allow the utilisation of electricity in two forms. In the form of direct current with 12 V output and as alternating current with 230 V. The main idea behind the concept lies in the direct utilization of 12 V direct current. The distance between the electricity sources and appliances is at most 6 m and the appliances used can be supplied by 12 V DC (standard appliances installed into caravans, cars, trucks, etc.). Like the 12V LED artificial light sources ensuring a minimal energy consumption. Nevertheless, since some tools require 230 V AC alongside the 12 V DC wires, cables transporting 230 V AC are installed as well.

GOAL Zero Expedition solar panels in long-term tests
Small wind plant on the north side in action.