Material Origin

The insulating materials were produced by the recyclation of cotton, polyester, linen and wood fibre boards. In the compositions of the floor and roof the utilisation of recycled materials were restricted their poor strength in compression. A certain strength in compression crucial to maintain the objectivity of measured results – the elimination of issues caused by changes of boundary conditions throughout measurements. In the roof composition aside from the insulation the vegetation-retention layer was designed and constructed from recycled bi-component polyester. Since bi-component polyester is a waste of automotive industry which is not used as a secondary raw material for now, at least not in high quantities. Therefore, it is used as fuel in heat plants.

The utilization of recycled building materials can decrease the ecologic impact to the environment, some structures of EnviHUT are still constructed from new structural elements. the whole building is designed to be portable, therefore recyclable as well.

Recycled green roof layers.